Principal's Message

Principal's Message (Mrs. Vimla Raghav)

At RBSM Public School Bhondsi our endeavour is to help the students to achieve excellence. However, this is only one and not the only one. We envisage a value-based education with emphasis on moulding the personality of the students to create confident, competent and morally and socially mature individuals who will always be a credit to the society and the world they live in.

R.B.S.M Public School, with the Grace of God Almighty stands glorified for being instrumental in leading the budding youngsters of our society into the light of education and moral upliftment, all through the long way from the year 2003.

It has got a clear mission and concrete objectives. The school obtained affiliation under CBSE, New Delhi in the year 2015.

R.B.S.M Public School has been decorated with many laurels both in the curricular spheres and is regarded as one among the best in the field of education, personaliyu buildup, life skills development and career guidance.

Each student of our school is getting hundred percent care and monitoring, starting from the kindergarten when the child is a little bud to the higher secondary level when that child grows up to be a vibrant and confident youth.

With a strong academic base we also focus on enhancing every student’s creativity through the arts, music, writing, theatre and dance. Through technology, mathematics and science, students gain skills to navigate the world, experiencing ample opportunities to explore their own talents, interests and passions.

At R.B.S.M Public School we understand that there is nothing more precious than a child and nothing more important then preparing a child for the challenges of the future. If you choose private education for your child it will be one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make.

We believe that the provision of the quality education is a long term investment and commitment. R.B.S.M Public School is uncompromising in its commitment to provide high quality education and sustained investment to ensure that parents and children benefit from an Education of the highest standard.