Principal's Message

Deputy Director's Message (Mrs. Vimla Raghav)

Every student is made aware that he or she is a cherished member of our family. With our team of committed professionals and our excellent infra structural facilities, we ensure that all students are given myriad opportunities to fulfill their potential. Our education programme is underpinned by our core values, so that our students develop leadership qualities with a global outlook ,and humanitarian principles that are essential in making them responsible citizens of the world.

Students are also concouraged to take part in intra and inter school competitions at various levels, so as to equip them with the necessary confidance and skills to face the competition world at large . Emphasis is also laid on participation in sports and games and all the necessary facilities are provided for balanced development. RBSM Students Participation up to national level in football, boxing.

We keep in mind that phenomenal advances in science and technology have today laid greater responsibilities on schools to ensure that the students of today, the prospective citizens of tomorrow’s world imbibe truly human values of Love, Charity, Peace, Brotherhood, Tolerance and selfless service , etc. in addition to being academically efficient. The spirit of togetherness and sharing at vanasthali is excellent and all thouse who enter into the campus here are drawn into spirit of belonging.

It is this long team vision that has placed RBSM Public School on the cutting edge of quality education to students from around the Baraut City.